The History of Galentine’s Day

If you’re wondering why a group of single ladies is forming a ring chat outside the local Wendy’s or popular brunch destination, you’ve come upon Galentine’s Day.

This day, unlike no other, celebrates the friendships and important peer groups in our lives most notable for single women who attribute to one another the likability that comes with a leftover bottle of vodka after a sorority party, but it still tastes good because it’s top shelf and your Big told you so.

Galentine’s Day was first coined by an episode in the TV series Parks and Recreation by the character Leslie Knope. She created a day where close girlfriends celebrate each other, and mass brunch dates ensued. Since that episode air date, there have been tons of memes flying around the internet, girls with large balloons and cupcakes heading to their favorite brunch spots, decked out in high heels, black leather pants, and purse dogs in tow.

It’s hard to miss them.

Each year Galentine’s is celebrated by a whopping mass of single and married women all over the world. It is usually celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day on February 13th, so if you missed it- sorry not sorry.

Valentine’s Day has been considered one of those love-hate relationship days where you either went all out with your significant other or stayed in for fear of missing out, hoping that your freezer was well stocked with ice cream or wine, and the latest Netflix show.

Meanwhile, when Valentine’s Day hits, the so-called happy couples would shower each other with feigned love gifts, such as teddy bears, the infamous heart-shaped box of chocolates, and greeting cards.

Many Galentine’s Day events are centered around pampering friends and family with spa days, brunch dates, pedis, facials, and bar hopping. Even businesses go all out and create hype around the event catering to an already saturated market of single women who would otherwise stick their head in the dating pool, only to jump back out and call up their girlfriends for a romp around town.

To this day, Galentine’s is still celebrated and much loved by all those women, including those that are married.

And in fact, it should be.

Of the already bleak picturesque landscape of dating and relationships, Galentine’s Day has been known to shell out a call-back to former times of glory for girls who grew up having sleepovers at their house and playing dress-up with their dolls. This is all in good fun and symbolizes a much-needed reform of the bittersweet Valentine’s Day where many are left feeling alone and isolated. Galentine’s is here to stay for the most part.

Many women are just as happy with going out, being single, and celebrating their independence from men while all the while soaking their tear-stained pillows albeit dipping their fingers in fondue. Other married women are celebrating those friendships that mean a lot to them and are telling the world that they truly are indeed still empowered by those peers.

Another known tradition and commemorative day is SAD, or Single Awareness Day which comes right after the heels of Valentine’s Day on February 15th. This day provides a more reflective approach to one’s singleness and self-love principles. But that’s for another time.

Beyond all this, Galentine’s Day is chock-full of fun and laughter for most women. Of the thousands of Instagram posts out there and running memes, you are sure to delight in the fact that the leftover chocolate cake will not spoil your appetite for love and friendship.

Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies.



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J. Scott Pyles


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